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"It’s been about a year since your wonderful crew installed my garden castle . I wanted to send you a couple of pics of it today. I could not be more grateful—every day. I work remotely in here, but mostly… I paint! Every day since spring ! Thank you. Beyond words. This has changed my life "

Veronica, Santa Cruz, CA



“Dana, I had to tell you our number 3 granddaughter, Cadence, saw the play house for the first time today, she stopped in her steps and said, “Oh Grandma, you got a glass cottage from the woods. Do fairies live in it?” Thanks again for even more magic. We are having so much fun, the whole neighborhood was in there today.”
Cindy, Los Osos, CA




Being in the construction trade for 35 plus years, I feel I probably have a more critical eye for craftsmanship than someone else would. I examined the recycled greenhouse after it was assembled and was thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship. From the 45 degree joints in the fascia board, to the dog-eared cuts in the trim. Excellent craftsmanship! Based on this workmanship, I would recommend their recycled greenhouses to anyone!”
Robert, Cambria, CA


“As Dana, Sean and Andrew transformed our family’s 300 square foot playhouse into a greenhouse, I began to see a sanctuary. Through their process of structural renovation they were able to capture the energy hidden in the preexisting structure, combine it with the new windows, roof and doors, and channel it into the new space. We were able to turn the playhouse my mother had gifted my sister and me into a place to grow ourselves. Throughout the whole process, Dana and Sean were creative, practical and flexible. My family and I thoroughly appreciate the O’Briens’ time and hard work. Their mission of creating artistic spaces for growing and healing out of recycled materials is truly a task of love.”
Natalie, San Luis Obispo, CA


I absolutely love my ‘little room’ up in the woods. It stays warm on windy days, I can work on my laptop out there, I can watch the birds, or my dogs while sitting inside or I can just kick back and read a book! Most days, I can’t wait to go out there!!”
Loretta, Cambria, CA



“I cannot possibly find all the words needed to tell you how much I am enjoying my studio. It is beautiful and inspiring as well as being practical and useful. I have been using my sewing studio for about two months now and have found that I am so much more productive than when I just used an extra bedroom. I didn’t expect that, but this space has allowed me to really focus on the creative process. I also love that, when I open both French doors, I feel like my sewing space is right in the garden. I suspect the out-of-doors feeling is what allows me to spend so much time in the studio. I totally lose track of time. The light is perfect and even on an overcast morning I don’t need to turn on the light. Thanks Dana, this creative space has totally exceeded my expectations.”
Lisa, Los Osos, CA



“From the moment we first met you at the home show in Paso last spring, we have been in love with the idea of having a greenhouse built from reclaimed building material from the central coast. You were both so involved in making this a reality. The first time we visited your warehouse in SLO and chose that green door that was the anchor for the rest of the building, I felt like we were more than customers, we were friends. I felt like you really understood what we were looking for and you were an advocate for our vision. I enjoyed seeing the different phases of the greenhouse come together and I especially enjoyed meeting the men who built the structure and of course “the boys” who came out to the house along with you and Sean and put it together on our property. Thank you again for making this happen for us, you guys can come by and visit anytime.”
Ann and Bill (Coco, Marco, Chip and Bonito), Paso Robles, CA

Honors & Awards


2015 Green Innovation Award from USGBC


Rustic Live Edge Cabin won both 1st place and and Best in Show at the 2016 California Mid State Fair and Best in Show at the 2016 Inspired Home & Gourmet Expo of Paso Robles  


The Nantucket won both the 2015 Green Innovation Award from USGBC and Most Inspiring to Improve the Home Fall 2015 Inspired Home Expo of San Luis Obispo


The Savor Structure won the 2015 Green Innovation Award from USGBC


Sunrise Over the Ocean won both 1st Place 

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