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Watching the Garden Fairies

Wouldn't we all love to have a place to just hang out and watch the Garden Fairies? Well, that is exactly what this structure is going to be for our client and her daughter. Our client's young daughter loves the garden and watching the garden fairies so that is what she will be doing while her mom is gardening. This custom Garden Shed is 7' x 9', redwood framed and is a mixture of reclaimed wood siding and corrugated metal. The corrugated metal roof has a 4 & 12 pitch with a standard 1' overhang all around. Board and batten gable ends will finish off the front and the back of this Garden Shed.

As if inviting the garden inside the front wall has a 10 light door painted to match our clients home. On either side of the door are 3 light fixed windows . This wall of almost all glass allows our client to look out upon her beautiful garden. Do you see any fairies? The 7' walls below the windows on all sides mimic the board and batten of the gable ends. The fixed windows are painted white to contrast the reclaimed wood and corrugated metal.

Both the left and right walls are constructed of two casement, opening out, style windows beside a fixed picture window. On the right wall one window is a 6 pane and the other is a single pane. The left wall windows are both vertical split pane. All of the windows are reclaimed and painted white. Notice the board and batten attention to detail above the widows, anything to lure the garden fairies near.

Saving the best for last is the back wall is of special significance to our client. The wall has two vintage doors that came out of her father's 100 year old house. The doors have been cleaned up, sanded and clear coated. Between these unique vintage doors is a floor to ceiling single piece of glass fixed in place. Just imagine laying on the reclaimed wood floor and watching for the garden fairies on the ground or up in the trees.

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