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Walls of Windows

A place to write under the oaks was what this client, a journalist, was yearning for in a special office space. Built on a two step decomposed granite pad provided by the client this shed is shaded by oaks and overlooks the clients property. Windows make up the majority of every wall and the gables but just wait, the pièce de résistance is the back wall, but you'll have to read on for that.

The front wall features 10 light french doors painted a soft, yellowy green to reflect the many colors of the oaks that surround this structure. Windows to the left and right are fixed and painted the same color as the doors. Above the doors and windows are clear glass gables that allow our client to enjoy even more of the view. The gable style roof with a 4 & 12 pitch is made of corrugated metal. There is a 1' overhang on the sides and back but the front features a 2' overhang creating a porch like feel. All of the siding has a clear polyurethane coating.

Each of the side walls feature unique windows that are painted in the same soft green paint chosen by our clients on the front wall. Centered on one wall is a single light drop down bar door. On either side are fixed reclaimed split light windows. Fixed above the bar door are three pieces of boldly colored water glass, 2 red with an orange one in the middle. The other side wall features 5 unique reclaimed windows. In the center a large fixed picture window. On either side of the picture window are casement style 6 pane windows that bring a gentle breeze though our client's new office space. To finish the wall out are two more six pane windows fixed to complete this wall of windows. Both walls feature reclaimed lumber in a combination of diagonal and horizontal shiplap.

And now the pièce de résistance of this office with walls of windows is the back wall which is a single vintage reclaimed 32 pane window! The window is topped with glass gables just like the front wall. It is literally a wall of glass and brings the gorgeous oaks inside to inspire our client. It is a warm, bright, soft gentle place under the oaks for our client to work.

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