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The Doctor Is In

Our client is a doctor in Santa Barbara and has been using her shed as an office during COVID. She loves working in the space so much that it will always be her office! Situated on her back deck, where her hot tub used to be, this office/shed is framed in Douglass fir painted white and then white washed. A gable style roof with a 1 foot overhang all around provides even more shade than the beautiful oaks it is nestled beneath.

The front gable ends are board and batten from reclaimed fence boards. The back gable end is Lexan, a clear building material, to allow more light to flow in. Reclaimed 3 light Santa Barbara style doors, actually from Santa Barbara, are painted black and when open invite clients into this cozy office. Two diamond shaped windows on either side of the doors trimmed in black match the detail on our clients house. All siding interior and exterior are board and batten that has been white washed.

Beneath the Lexan gable of the back wall is a very unique black trimmed window with split pane detail. Fourteen small panes sit atop a huge picture window size pane to allow the outside in. The roof is corrugated metal that contrasts the white washed walls and beams and the black windows.

The small pane details on the top of the back window are emulated at the bottom by the black railing on her deck. Picture perfect!

Casement windows flank yet another large single pane window on the left wall of this office. These windows are all painted black continuing the theme of this shed. Brilliant cobalt blue fixed widow sitting between transom windows that feature obscure (privacy) glass. When the windows on both sides are open a soothing breeze gently flows through the space.

When our client walks out her front door she has a view of the Pacific ocean! She has views of coastal oaks through her windows. And now she has an elegant black and white office shed with just a few pops of color with beautiful views too!

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