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Sisters, Trees, a Toddler and Chimichurri in Santa Cruz

Our client contacted us saying that with her 2 year old she needed an office space that she could go to to have uninterrupted time for work. A place that she and her sister could work together! The property is located on a spectacular lot in Santa Cruz.

This 10' x 12' unstained redwood shed is tucked under a beautiful tree. The roof is corrugated metal. Our client's white french doors of the front wall are accentuated on other side by fixed single light windows painted Benjamin Williams(BW) "Chimichurri", a rich green, to add a pop of color to the entrance. The front gable is board and batten reclaimed fence boards.

This beautiful work/retreat sits atop a ground level deck that creates the interior flooring as well a small porch. Walking in, the back wall is the first thing you notice! Beneath the striking clear gables sits a large 41" square piece of fixed glass to soak in the view. On either side of this picture perfect window are fixed vintage stained glass windows. The shiplap boards installed diagonally and straight and corrugated metal siding create movement on the wall. All the glass of this wall allows light to stream in from beneath the beautiful trees.

The shiplap and corrugated metal siding of the left wall mimics the back wall but this wall packs a punch with both a pop up bar door and a drop down desk door. The single light bar door is painted the same "Chimichurri" (BW) color as the front windows. A solid white wood pop up door will be used for a desk in the spicy retreat under the trees. Above these doors are three fixed windows for even more light. The center window is a rich green water glass that compliments the "Chimichurri" (BW) on the front wall.

The 2 casement windows of the right wall can be opened to allow a breeze to flow through the shed. These "Chimichurri"(BW) painted windows are on either side of two, two light client windows that are fixed. Again the shiplap and corrugated metal follow the same pattern as the back and left walls.

Sounds from the nearby creek create a serene space for these sisters to work! The greens of the trees, the glass and the "Chimichurri windows and bar door all make this space feel a part of the beautiful trees it is built beneath. This stunning structure will be a creative space for our client when she has the time!

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