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She Shed To Go, Please!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

If you take the Paso Robles St. off ramp from the 101 North look to your right and you'll catch a glimpse of this amazing She Shed, our current Show Shed. This gorgeous shed set up at our office at 720 Paso Robles St., Paso Robles, Ca 93446. Or if you'd like to take a tour of the shed it is open Monday-Friday from 8 AM- 3PM. If it's just what you're looking for, it can be your's "to go", or if it's not, our team can design your custom She Shed, Greenhouse, Entertainment Shed, He Shed, Office, Music Shed or whatever structure your dream needs from our reclaimed windows, doors and siding.

This 10' x 10' custom shed is framed in con-common redwood. The exterior siding of this shed is board & battens reclaimed fence boards. The roof is corrugated metal with a 4 & 12 pitched gable style roof with a 1' overhang all around. The gable ends are also board & batten to match the siding. The front wall features 10 lite french doors painted Bacarra Green. The two fixed vintage 5 lite windows on either side of the french doors are painted Panda White.

Centered on the right wall is a fixed vintage 12 lite window snuggled against the top of the 86" wall. The two casement style, two lite windows on either side of the center window allow a breeze to flow thought the structure. Reclaimed corrugated metal and board & batten siding compliment the three windows.

A drop down bar door painted Baccara Green highlights the left wall. Above the bar door are three fixed pieces of glass, two clear with a beautiful piece of amber water glass in the middle. On either side, end, of the bar door our craftsman fixed 3 pieces of tempered glass. This left wall is a joyous wall of light where you can enjoy refreshments of any kind along with a view. The siding mimics the right with with reclaimed fence boards in a board & batten style and reclaimed corrugated metal.

Now, if the front wall, right wall or the left wall doesn't make you want this shed "to go" this back will definitely will! The show piece of this shed is truly the back wall with a vintage 32 lite window. Siding is again the reclaimed fence boards in board & batten style with reclaimed corrugated metal. Just image sitting in this shed, all the windows open, bar door down, doors open and looking out over your yard through this spectacular window! Did we hear you say, "I'll take that shed to go, please?"

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