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Shades of Blue!

Our clients wanted a set sheds for their property and we worked hard to make their dream come true. This 12' wide & 10' deep custom shed is just to the side and a little askew of the "Bee House" our clients' other shed. Designed to compliment their other structure, it has the same Douglass Fir framing that has been painted, Sherwin Williams(SW) Queen Anne's Lace, and then distressed. It showcases a mixture of reclaimed windows, shed siding and our client's reclaimed doors and corrugated metal. The new corrugated metal for the roof was treated with muriatic acid so it would blend with all the reclaimed materials. The roof has a 5 & 12 pitch with a 3' over hang in the front, a 1' over hang in the back and 3' x 10' side roof panels on both the right and left.

The gables feature a board and batten dog eared down style. The window in the center of the front gable is the repurposed top window of one of our clients' reclaimed doors. The textured glass is original. Surrounding the new gable window are rondels and vintage insulators that compliment the window. Centered on the front wall are the gorgeous barn door art glass reclaimed doors. Our craftsmen took two solid doors and replaced the center panels with art glass, selected by our clients, from Victorian Stained Glass in Orcutt, CA, to create these one of a kind barn doors. Six lite vintage windows are fixed to either side of the doors. Our clients' reclaimed metal finishes out this wall. The 3' roof extension is supported by reclaimed posts that had remnants of different blue paints from their former lives.

The front wall may be a wow with all the art glass, rondels and insulators but the back embraces simple lines and a pop of color. The reclaimed vintage, six lite, door our clients' provided is painted SW Calypso #6950 to pop against the white framing and two lite vintage windows installed awning style. Whether you are inside or outside simple lines created with the diagonal shiplap siding draw your eyes to this beautiful door. The Calypso color compliments the art glass in the front barn doors. The door opens out to not obstruct the interior. Antique insulators have been strategically placed in the walls beneath the windows.

The right wall is anchored in the center by our clients' reclaimed metal. The vintage insulators on this wall are set in the white framing. Unique vintage curved glass windows painted the SW Calypso look out over our clients' yard. Lots of space to sit and enjoy a cooling drink in the summer or a warm toasty drink in the winter. From the outside the insulators look as if they are peaking through the reclaimed metal and sprinkle light throughout the structure.

Facing the "Bee" Shed is a wall fit for any summer evening in the garden with vintage 14 lite French windows. The windows have been clear coated to protect their finish but not take away their vintage look. The 3' extension of the roof offers shade on a sunny day.

The dream is realized and here they are side by side the "Bee" Shed and the "Blue" Shed for our clients to enjoy with family and friends for years to come. What is your dream shed?

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