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Sculptures in a Hideaway

Jeff, a client in SLO, retired and wanted a place to create beautiful sculptures. The studio we designed and installed for him features a unique arched 100 year old Hobbit speakeasy door. The speakeasy door is accented by stained glass and vintage mail slot.

The entire studio is encased in beautiful live edge siding. Gable windows on the front wall allow natural light to stream into the studio. Also on the front wall, a large fixed window sits above a sculpting table that is on casters to allow the client to find the best light while he is sculpting.

On the back wall the client provided a stained glass window that is flanked by fixed blue water glass windows. The left wall features a 10 lite french door mounted awning style to allow fresh air to flow into the studio. This allows Jeff to control the air and temperature while he sculpts. The right wall features a complimenting 10 lite door, hung awning style for more airflow options.

We can't wait to see the beautiful sculptures that Jeff creates in this beautiful space!

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