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Ready, Dream Greenhouse, Wait, GO!

Five years ago, our clients came to us with a dream of having a greenhouse built out of our reclaimed materials on their spectacular coastal property. Unfortunately, the time just wasn't right for them and they asked if there was a chance the build could be put on hold. Dana, owner extraordinaire of A Place to Grow, said, "Absolutely!" Their design ideas and plans were put in the dream box in Dana's office. Dana patiently waited and a few months ago she had a feeling the time might be right, she pulled their file from the dream box and gave them a call. To everyones pure joy the time was right! Our clients had the pad ready and it was a GO for the build of their dream greenhouse on their spectacular coast property.

This 10' x 12' custom greenhouse is framed in redwood. The siding is reclaimed wood and includes some rich red barn siding all of the walls are 7' tall. The roof is solar grey polycarbonate panels in a gable style with a 6 & 12 pitch. The gable ends are glass with passive gable vents on each end. The front wall features 10 light french doors painted vibrant white. Fixed windows on either side of the doors bring in even more light. The doors can be propped open with hidden eye hooks to create maximum airflow.

To take advantage of the view of the bay, the back wall is constructed of 2 large, horizontally fixed glass windows created from reclaimed glass. The mixed wood siding with the splashes of red barn wood frame the windows on either side. To increase ventilation mesh vent panels have been installed at the base of each of the set of siding.

In contrast to the back wall the right wall has 2 pieces of reclaimed glass installed vertically and fixed to create another giant window to take advantage of the views. The large square vintage windows on either side of these windows are painted the same vibrant white as the front doors. These two windows open casement style and allow air to flow through side to side. This wall also features an RV plug just incase some electricity is needed out in the greenhouse.

The left wall mimics the right wall. Open the front doors and all the windows and this gardener is in heaven. Views from all angles, light from every wall and the ceiling and air flowing and swirling bringing the outside in. It was such a joy for everyone to wait and then be able to help our client realize the greenhouse of their dreams. Are you ready for yours? A Place to Grow is ready for you!

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