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Positive (Red), It's Just What She Needed

Life often throws people curves that come out of nowhere and that is exactly what happened to our client. After one of these curves she decided to downsize and relocate to the Five Cities area from San Jose and was in serious need of a space for her projects and some solitude. She decided on a 9' x 9' custom shed, framed in redwood with reclaimed wood siding and single lite french doors painted "Positive Red" by Sherwin Williams. Her shed is nestled in her backyard where she can open up the doors and windows and enjoy the breezes while she works on all her projects.

The shed is framed in unstained redwood with reclaimed wood siding with a hint of red to compliment the front doors. The single lite french doors are topped with glass gables to bring in as much light as possible. The "Positive Red" (SW) she picked for the doors lets anyone who is lucky enough to see this space know that "positive" things are going on inside. The roof is corrugated metal with a 4 & 12 pitch and a 1 foot overhang all around.

The back wall also features glass gables. There are two vintage window installed transom style and open out towards the west. Our client has beautiful glass hearts that bring that "Positive Red" from the front doors to this back wall. The high windows allow for our client to put in shelves, a work table or cabinet for all her supplies. Oh, the things she's going to create! We can't wait for an up date on the space to see what she decided to put inside.

A three lite vintage window takes up the entire top of the right wall. This window matches the transom style windows on the back wall. Again, our client chose to leave herself lots of space under the window for supplies and or storage. The fabulous reclaimed siding creates a smooth wall for anything she may want to put up. The transom window opens out.

The left wall is where our client plans on putting up a work bench so she can work all year long. The three windows give her a view of her backyard that she can enjoy while she works and are installed high enough to accommodate whatever work bench she decides upon. Two vintage 6 lite windows are installed casement style on this wall. Centered on the wall is a wonderful single lite vintage window that completes this wall of windows. The windows All the windows in the shed are painted white.

And finally, just look at this floor. The reclaimed corral boards that make the floor are just so "positively" amazing. Our clients first accessory for her shed was this black chair that brings out not only the color in the floorboards but also in the siding. After the move and downsizing she was feeling like she had no space that was just hers, two teenaged boys will do that to you, but now with her shed she does. She told us the first few days and evenings she just sat in this chair dreaming about what she'll be creating in her "positive" red shed.


We have an update! Even though this shed is located in a the Five Cities it has still been warm during the heat wave and look what our client did.. A FAN! She let us know she even has it on a timer. Though she is finding it much harder to decide on her creative space furnishings but the fam will keep the air flowing!

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