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Peace of Mind in Santa Cruz

Light flows in from every side in this beautiful white structure built for a psychologist in Santa Cruz who needed her own space due to COVID. Nestled on a deck in her front yard with a conversation area in front, every wall and even the ceiling bring light into the space. This 8' x 8' custom shed is framed with Douglas fir, the exterior is painted with "Queen Anne's Lace" colored paint and then distressed to look as though it had been there for years. The vintage french doors slide open and close on barn door hardware and can be locked.

Another vintage door is mounted on the left wall and can be raised and lowered for added space. Two transom windows flank a beautiful stained glass piece. The transoms open out to allow fresh air to flow through the space.

A single narrow transom widow sits above yet another vintage door on the back wall. Water like blue glass is fixed on either side of the back window. This door is mounted to act as a desk when needed or neatly store flush to the wall.

A unique 12 lite vintage fixed window is the center piece of the right wall. The windows on either side of this one open out to bring in even more fresh air. With an open beam roof and the clear solar gray polycarbonate roofing it feels as if you are outside.

The entire interior of the structure is painted Queen Anne's Lace just like the exterior and then distressed. Above just to add a feminine touch a chandelier has been hung. Another unique touch are the crystal knobs on the all the transom windows. Both the chandelier and the crystal knobs sparkle and reflect all the light that streams into the space.

This has become a peaceful place to sit and work and reflect and it looks like it has always been there for our client. We love the femininity and sparkle this structure exudes!

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