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Ocean Breezes and the Dunes!

After teaching for 38 years in San Diego Christine retired and moved to Grover Beach. Her dream was a place to sew and create stained glass that she could call her own. We obliged with this slant roof style She Shed that has views of the Pacific Ocean and the Guadalupe Dunes. This custom shed is framed in unstained redwood mixed with corrugated metal. It has a 1' overhang all around with 7 foot walls and is nestled in a corner of her front yard.

The front wall features a pair of vintage 3 light doors painted by the client. Single pane fixed windows on either side allow maximum natural light to stream into the shed while she is working on her quilts and stained glass projects. The doors can be latched open to enjoy the breezes in Grover Beach and she's let us know they are open more than closed. the center piece of the back wall is a stained glass window that the client made while she was in college and luckily the person she had given it to gave it back to her for her She Shed.

On either side of the stained glass window are transom windows again to enjoy the ocean breezes. Below the windows is a pop-up solid cherry door held with chains. The door pops-up to 35" for sewing, cutting and creating with fabrics and glass. Cutting mats have been attached for ease of creativity.

The left wall has a vertically fixed vintage diamond window that allows the client to see down her driveway while she is lost in creativity in her shed. The right, west facing, wall features one large fixed picture window with 2 casement style split pane windows. These windows allow for even more natural light for her glass and quilting projects. During the summer our client opens all of her windows and enjoys the sounds of music on Sunday afternoons from the Sizzlin' Summer Concerts at Romona Park in Grover Beach.

Once the build was finished our client added vinyl flooring and a chandelier to complete the space. It lights up and and yard lights have been put in and now this shed is a centerpiece of her front yard.

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