Mary's Needlepoint and Writing Haven

Mary, from Santa Monica, loves this creative space to create her amazing needlepoint! She is a true artist and her work is incredible! A published author, she will be able to continue to write in her creative space!

The blue french doors contrast the white siding and roof. The large fixed window next to the doors allow natural light to steam in. The left, right and back walls feature casement style opening reclaimed windows. This gives Mary the freedom to control how much air is moving through her structure depending on the weather conditions of the day. Plenty of air flow for those warm sunny days, or limited air flow when it's chilly.

We feel so honored to have been able to create a space that will work for Mary to create beautiful needlepoint or write. Infusing the reclaimed materials into everything we do, while also being able to provide something new and gorgeous keeps our purpose driven business thriving. Clients like Mary "get" what we do and the structures that result from those relationships are always magical. Enjoy!

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