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Lisa's Poolside Oasis in Tracy, CA

Our client Lisa from Tracy, CA called us wanting a She Shed for her backyard swimming pool space. She requested a multifunctional space that she could make her own over the years. We love how this adorable poolside structure turned out, starting with the 10-lite French doors we painted the most amazing Grecian teal color!

We incorporated many pops of corrugated metal throughout the structure which will age beautifully over time, and on the back wall we framed in a reclaimed window that opens awning style for some great airflow when the front doors are closed.

On the left wall, we had fun! A pair of beautiful reclaimed 4-lite windows made into a drop down bars for a poolside cocktail, iced tea, glass of wine or even lunch for two. We wanted Lisa to be able to entertain easily in her beautiful backyard space. The bright blue waterglass above the windows ties in with her color scheme, as well as her pool.

The right wall was all about gorgeous reclaimed craftsman style windows and airflow airflow airflow! The outer windows open up casement style with antique finish hardware that blends so well with the reclaimed nature of our materials. These windows were some of the most special we have on hand here at our shop.

Lisa is a retired police officer and we endeavored to create a place for her where stress seems to fade away! She told us that she looks forward to spending time in her shed listening to the rain hit the metal roof! We can't wait for Lisa to enjoy her new space for years to come, a little poolside oasis that will always provide a warm positive energy. Thank you Lisa, for allowing us to create this special structure for you.

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