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Let There be Wine!

The Wine Shed that Melinda wanted for years is now hers! She and her husband, John, recently downsized from the large home where they raised their children into a smaller space that is more manageable in retirement. Living on the central coast where they spend more time outside than inside, they wanted a space in their yard where they can feel like they are outside, yet comfortably out of the wind and cold.

This redwood framed bright and airy Wine Shed features a front wall that has 10 lite french doors with large clear fixed windows on either side. A smart gentleman stands front and center to announce exactly who this Wine Shed belongs to. There is a one foot roof overhang on all sides except for the front. The front over hang is 3 feet to create a porch like feel so the owners can sip their wine just outside the french doors on warm days.

All of the walls are a mixture of reclaimed wood with clear polyurethane and corrugated metal. On the left wall casement windows swing out to bring some fresh air in while the large fixed window showcases the view. The gable style corrugated roof reflects light from the chandelier.

Wood floors finish off the inside where comfortable chairs and a couch are arranged to sit and enjoy a nice glass of Pinot out of the breeze. All of the windows and doors are painted Antique White to contrast the reclaimed wood and metal.

The centerpiece of the back wall is the owners exquisite stained glass window. The window features golden arches entwined with grapes and grape leaves. A chandelier centered in the ceiling add yet another focal point in this wine shed. We love how Melinda styled this beautiful structure.

A single lite bar door is mounted on the right wall just incase they need a little more space for entertaining. It rests beautifully on a wine barrel we chopped in half and mounted into the lower portion of the wall. More fixed windows on either side complete this bright space to enjoy wine any time of day or time of the year. Let there be light but especially, let there be wine!

This structure was a lot of fun to build as we knew that it was destined for entertaining, parties, friends, fun and laughter. What a perfect place to gather outside with friends while sharing a glass of wine!

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