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Let There Be Light Greenhouse

Nestled in a backyard in Lompoc, California this greenhouse is a gardeners dream. Our clients, now retired are looking forward to planting, propagating, tending and protecting their plants and their garden throughout the year.

The structure is framed in redwood with dogeared detailing in the gable and corrugated metal. The gabled roof features solar gray polycarbonate to allow maximum light and warmth.

The front wall features a door the clients provided. The craftsman stained glass window, loved by the clients adds color and movement to the front of the structure. A large fixed window is the finishing touch inviting the gardeners into their greenhouse.

Three water glass windows are installed above an 10 pane drop down bar door. The center window is fixed while the side transom windows open out to allow air to flow freely through the greenhouse.

With the door down the gardeners can provide their plants with direct sunlight while keeping them safe from the elements.

Inside the structure our clients requested five custom potting tables. Four tables, two on each side wall, that feature 1/4 inch gaps between the reclaimed 2 x 2 wood to allow soil and water to sift through to the floor. One large table sits at the back crafted in the same manner lines the back wall. All of the tables feature a lower shelf for storage. They are in love with these reclaimed wood potting tables and plan to keep several plants inside during the winter.

The right wall is constructed of even more windows. Two rows of three windows to bring in light, air and heat. Four pane, single pane, and diamond panes add to the uniqueness of the greenhouse. All three of the top row of windows transom out to allow air to flow on through on warmer days. Single pane casement windows flank the fixed window that takes a majority of the back wall bringing in even more light and air.

Joe & Sally were so much fun to work with! Their enthusiasm through the whole process was contagious! Their plan is to use it as a working greenhouse all year long since they are both retired!

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