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Let the Swooning Begin!

Our client participates in an annual get together with friends and each year a different member of the group takes a turn at hosting the event. And as it turns out, this year it's our client's turn to host the party! She wanted to have a new shed that her friends would swoon over, the only problem was the time frame, February 2023. Rest assured, even with the crazy weather we've had on the Central Coast of California this year, our crew at A Place To Grow got this shed finished and installed with a couple of days to spare. The 9'4" wide and 7' deep custom shed is just what she dreamed of. We think she even swooned a little during the install. It is tucked away in the back yard with the cutest details that make it the best place to host a party. The structure is framed in unstained redwood. It is designed shed style, with a 2 & 12 pitch to the roof with new corrugated metal roof and a 1' over hang all around. It's the details of this shed that really make it the cutest little shed to swoon over. Let the swooning begin!

Reminiscent of early 2oth century homes, where the ladies would have swooned over this shed, our client choose to have all of the windows and doors painted black, the paint was provided by the client to match her home. The front wall features 10 light doors hung on barn door hardware. The vintage 9 lite windows on either side of the doors are painted the same black. The siding is board and batten. The beautiful black barn doors open and provide a 60" entrance. The right wall has two vintage split pane windows painted black. The windows are installed with antique reproduction casement hardware to open out. These windows are on either side of a gorgeous 74" x 34" picture window, centered on the wall, that allows a full view of our client's backyard. As on the front wall the siding is board and batten below and above the windows.

Centered on the back wall is a classic reclaimed stained glass window. The frame has been painted with the client's black paint. The window opens outward awning style with antique reproduction hardware. Stopped in on the left and right of the window are pieces of red and orange water glass. The warm hues of the water glass contrast the greens, yellow and purple of the stained glass window. The wall has alternating sections of fence boards with board and batten outside and reclaimed corrugated metal.

The left wall continues the theme of the vintage stained glass window framed with stopped in water glass. This wall features yellow and red water glass, the fence behind the shed is green not the glass. The vintage diamond stained glass window in the middle opens awning style with the same antique reproduction hardware as the other windows. Board and batten siding is alternated with reclaimed corrugated metal to continue the theme of the structure.

In the end our client was able to enjoy her annual get together with her friends in a She Shed worth swooning over complete with a vintage Italian chandelier. Let the swooning continue.

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