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Let's Do It Again!

Our client called and said, "Let's do it again!" Well, not exactly the same thing. The first time we worked with this client we built her a garden door entrance by taking a vintage door and turning it into a Dutch door for her! Flash forward, a few years, and she wanted a potting shed as she loves to garden, of course she does, she has an amazing vintage Dutch door entrance. This time she wanted a potting shed and for it to be built ENTIRELY from reclaimed materials and so we built it that way.

Nestled at the edge of her patio, on a decomposed granite pad, in her backyard we constructed a 7' x 7' potting shed framed and built with ALL reclaimed wood and fence boards. Our client's unique vintage 4 light windows are stacked and fixed create a wall of light to the left of the entrance to her potting shed. No door here! The unique entry features 4 x 4 trusses for a vintage look. Open gables on the front and back walls allow ample circulation.

For the left wall we built her a custom 7' potting table and custom vintage shelves. The potting table has reclaimed table legs with reclaimed white lumber. Topped with tiles and a shelf to store tools and objects of interest. The left wall has two more of our client's vintage windows fixed at just the right height so she can look out and enjoy her garden as she works. A corrugated metal roof tops this unique potting shed.

Our client is an interior designer and we used her bird panel as the top section fo the back wall. The back, right Crystals were used to fill some of the know holes in the reclaimed fencing. She brought her gift interior design into styling her potting shed, its so cute and welcoming!

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