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Just Over the Fence

When Santa Barbara resident Sandy saw the greenhouse that we created for her next door neighbor, Linda, she had to have one! Her light filled and screened greenhouse is framed in redwood with tons of light flowing in through every side and even the roof. The single pane french doors with fixed windows on each side create a wall of glass that invites this gardener into her greenhouse to tend to her plants.

Clear is the key to a greenhouse drenched in light in this structure. Clear water glass fixed picture windows on both the left and right sides that go from the floor to the top of the wall. The screened casement windows that open out on both side walls create airflow that invites the outside in.

Even the gables are clear! The shiplap siding contrasts the blue frames of all the windows and doors.

Two screened transom windows nestle beside a fixed pane wind on the back wall. Just below these three widows, on the outside of the structure, is a vintage drop down door is installed that creates a perfect work space for this gardener.

A custom potting table created for Sandy from reclaimed wood sits inside this sun drenched greenhouse.

She has been wanting to grow her own veggies for awhile now and this greenhouse is what she needed to make it happen! She is using Earth Boxes to grow her veggies inside her greenhouse and is thrilled with all the vegetables she has grown! She lives in Santa Barbara which is an excellent climate for growing!

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