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It's A... "WE" Shed

This young family came to us looking to build a "WE" Shed that would serve each member of the family in a unique way yet bring them all together, too. Mom needed a space for some "me" time, the kids need a place to do projects, and dad needed a place adjacent to the fire pit to relax. Well, this "WE" Shed is exactly want they asked for. The shed is 12' x 10' with a mixture of reclaimed wood and colored boards accented with corrugated metal and is framed in unstained redwood.

The vintage 3 light french doors have built in screens so the doors can be closed and the wonderful Los Osos ocean breezes will still gently blow through the shed. On either side of the door are fixed vintage stained glass windows. Above this inviting wall is a 3' overhang that creates a shaded porch. The roof is corrugated metal and the sides and back have a 1' overhang.

Peeking through the front doors your eyes are drawn to the back wall. A single oval antique stained glass window is fixed amongst reclaimed wood and corrugated metal.

A drop down single light bar door on the right wall opens up the the family's entertaining space and fire pit. Above the drop down door 3 vintage stained glass windows with rice autumnal colors are fixed to bring in some soft diffused light. Reclaimed wood and corrugated metal alternate alongside and underneath the drop down door.

On the opposite wall the family chose to have three windows. The center is a fixed vintage diamond window with a white frame. The other two reclaimed windows are white as well but these are open out casement windows and can be opened up to allow the breeze to flow through. The pad is pressure treated wood perimeter and the flooring is brown and natural corral boards.

So, whether mom wants some quiet time, dad need a place to escape to, the kids want to work on a project or the entire family wants to enjoy an evening by a fire this family has it all in their new "We" Shed.

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