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It's a "Sheloon"!

Wanting to revitalize an unused and overgrown area of their property these clients came to us with a very unique idea. They wanted a "Sheloon". You may be wondering what the heck is a "Sheloon" ,well a Sheloon is a She Shed Saloon, "Sheloon" with some fun hidden secrets, surrounded by horseshoe pitch, corn hole pitch, lots of seating for refreshments, entertaining and just having a good time with family and friends. This is truly a unique structure that combines reclaimed materials and custom crafted elements.

This custom 12' wide and 10' deep shed is framed in redwood made grey with a vinegar & steel wool mixture. The exterior is a combination of reclaimed wood and Corten metal and is treated with clear polyurethane to protect the wood. There is a standard 1' overhang on the sides and back but the front features an 18' overhang. Seven foot walls with a gabled roof that has a 4 & 12 pitch made of Corten metal. The gable ends are clear Lexan

material to let more light in.

The front wall has 2 custom built barn doors made of reclaimed wood with 1/4" tempered glass. The handles on the doors are from Bacara resort in Santa Barbara. The fixed 4 lite and 2 lite reclaimed windows on either side of the barn doors are painted a celery green. The glass barn doors slide open to reveal a pair of swinging "Sheloon" doors that our client had custom made in New Mexico and installed.

Walk inside and it is evident why this is a "Sheloon". There are feminine touches everywhere you look. On the back wall the siding was installed in a chevron pattern below the Lexan gable. A chandeliers are hung from the ceiling creates a soft glow when turned on in the evening. Tasseled draperies on the back wall are hiding a secret. That secret is a strategically placed speakeasy door. Our clients wanted an access door for supplies and catering during family events. Do you see it?

Only if you walk around back. What a fabulous little feature. The diagonal shiplap siding that creates the chevron pattern around the speakeasy door is also on the front wall beneath the fixed windows.

The side wall each feature a single lite bar door with fixed single lite windows on either side. The siding is again installed in a diagonal shiplap pattern with a splash of corten metal in the middle. The left wall looks out to the east and shaded tables. Being able to open these bar doors not only opens up the space for serving but also allows are to flow through the "Sheloon".

So now when our clients walk down the path to this area of their property they no longer see an unused, overgrown are instead they see and hear family and friends enjoying the "Sheloon" crafted especially for them from a mix of reclaimed and custom materials by A Place to Grow. What secret feature would your "Sheloon" have?

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