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In a She Shed Built for Two

Our client's home was becoming a multi-generational one and she needed a bit more space for herself and her mother-in-law to be able to continue doing the hobbies they love. The answer was a She Shed Built for Two with a beautiful bookshelf down the middle. This 12' x 10' custom shed is framed with redwood and the siding is reclaimed wood siding.

The front and back gables feature our client's beautiful stained glass work surrounded by various colors of rondels all provided by our client. Our carpenters expertly frames the rondels right into the board and batten gables. The 10 light french doors are painted a rich blue that is mirrored in the frames of the two split pane fixed windows that finish out the front wall. The 4 & 12 pitch roof is corrugated metal with a standard 1' overhang all around.

Our client wanted to have two entrances for this shared space and this second entrance on the right wall doesn't disappoint. Our carpenters created a half light dutch door and our client customized it with her flare. Splashes of color have been added to the diamond lights on the top of the dutch door for an artsy flare. This artistic detail continues in two vintage 7 light windows that have been installed horizontally and transom "OUT". Some of the clear glass has been replace with colored glass leaving only clear glass in the middle. The light coming though the windows, doors and gables creates a rainbow of colors throughout the structure. The bookshelf, 48" wide x 65" tall x 12" deep, to divide the space was custom crafted from urban forested pine from Pacific Coast Lumber. A live edge shelf, 63" long x 6"-8" deep x 2" thick, also from Pacific Coast Lumber will be installed between the two diamond transom windows.

Three windows sit at the top of the 7', all walls are 7', left wall to allow for a work table and sewing machine. The center split pane window is fixed and painted the same blue as the doors and windows on the front and right walls. The two sides windows are custom redwood framed with water glass provided by the client and transom "IN" allowing for a gentle breeze to flow through when the windows are opened up. Spanning the top of the back wall are four more gorgeous water glass windows. These four windows are framed in unpainted redwood and transom "IN". Above these windows are more rondels scattered across the board and batten gable to speckle the space with even more color.

As if rondel's floating on the gables, stained glass windows, water glass windows on two sides, a custom dutch door and gorgeous diamond windows isn't enough there is one more hidden gem in the structure. Our client asked if one our carpenters could take her vintage yard stick collection and make an insert for one of the walls, well... one of our carpenters made it happen! Tucked under the fixed window on the left wall is a master piece! Look closely and you'll see the center is made of a triangular yardstick. What a fabulous work of art. Do you remember any of these stores?

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