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Harmonious Garden Office

In Ventura a writer and landscaper wanted an office shed. Nature By Design landscaper- Lisa, creates landscapes that are native plants that attract & support insects and birds in a harmonious way and she wanted a space to do that work. A beautifully landscaped path leads up to this shed nestled in the corner of Sandy's yard.

Her shed is constructed from all urban forested cedar wood harvested from a log that was salvaged from the Alder fire in 2018. The bark was burned but the wood is still beautiful on the inside (a metaphor for life, right?) This shed features two 10 pane, Behr Aquamarine, doors, one as the door and the other as a drop down transom window on the left wall.

The cedar shiplap is installed both traditionally, horizontal, vertically on the gables and diagonally on the side walls. This is a treat for the eyes that adds movement to every wall.

The cedar shiplap is integrated with reclaimed metal siding. The right wall has two transom windows that frame a fixed liquid blue water glass window. On a warm day any or all the windows can be opened to allow a breeze to gently stream through the shed. The design is unique in that Sandy needed each wall to have enough room to house her books shelves for all of her books.

The aqua water glass used harkens to this shed's close proximity to the ocean. Blue stones, sea glass and shells fill the knot holes that naturally occur in the cedar! We used tiles as accents inside and out that she had already used in a wall in her yard to tie the structure to the yard.

This shed is almost 100% reclaimed except the corrugated metal on the roof, the client tiles and the hardware used to assemble it!

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