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Eight Doors and A Splash of Radish!

Our clients love the idea of reclaimed materials, windows, wood, doors and more. They have used reclaimed materials in their home and other structures on their property. Their newest idea was for a reclaimed greenhouse. They selected 9 reclaimed windows and 8 reclaimed doors to be featured in their reclaimed greenhouse. Eight doors? Yes, eight! The plan was to have it nestled in their reclaimed olive grove, yes, the trees were actually transplanted from an old orchard.

This 14' x 10' greenhouse is framed in Douglass fir that our craftsmen painted white and then distressed. The board and batten exterior is reclaimed wood alternating with Corten metal. The 4 & 12 pitch roof has a 1' overhang all around and is capped off with corrugated metal. A special feature of the roof are the clear panels right in the middle of each side to provide overhead light. Each of the gable ends continues the board and batten from the exterior walls.

Beautiful and unique 5 light french doors create a light drenched entrance to the greenhouse. The inside and outside of the doors painted "Radish" for a pop of color. On either side of the door is a vintage twelve light window, fixed in place. Corten metal and board and batten reclaimed wood alternate beneath the front wall windows.

Six windows with three different light patterns are installed on the back wall. The two two light vertical windows are installed fixed, The two two light horizontal are installed to transom out and finally the two six light windows in the center of the wall are casement style opening out. While these six beautiful windows provide lots of light in the greenhouse they also allow for airflow on warm summer days.

Radish doors on front are doors numbers 1 and 2 and doors 3 and 4 are on the right and left walls. These two 5 light doors are installed as drop down bar doors. These drop down on the outside of the greenhouse. Each wall has another fixed window installed adjacent to the drop down door. One of the relocated olive trees provides a little shade on the left wall of the greenhouse.

Where are the other 4 doors, you ask? Skillfully hung as pop-up doors on the inside of the greenhouse is where doors 5,6,7 and 8 are. A vintage, solid wood, blue door with two panels hangs on the left wall and brings a pop of color to contrast the "radish" and "antique white" of the greenhouse. The right wall features a distressed "antique white" pop-up door with a glistening crystal door knob. The back wall has two "antique white" pop-up doors. These doors provide table space for any project our clients may undertake in their greenhouse. If they are not in need of as much working space all four pop-ups go flush against the walls. The floor is white horse coral boards on a pressure treated foundation.

So this reclaimed greenhouse, up on the hill amongst the relocated olive trees, is a gardeners heaven with it's splashes of "radish", blue and "antique white".

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