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Collected Windows

Caroline in Santa Cruz came to us with a bunch of windows & doors that she had collected over the years, wanting a craft room to be built using as many of them as possible. Even though her husband could build it, he is too busy with work so we had the joy to build it for her! Frame in Douglass fir painted and then distressed this custom craft shed is a work of art. The framing on all of the walls is accented by vertical board and batten reclaimed fence boards. The 3 ft over hang of the corrugated metal roof creates a spectacular frame for the 10 light french doors in distressed white.

The back wall features the distressed framing with a center focal point of corten metal supporting the board and batten siding. The roof features a glorious strip of clear roofing and light flows in while our client creates! A scrumptious piece of blush water glass is centered on the left wall with two transom windows on either side. Below the windows an antique door pops up for added work space. The three windows on the right wall complete this light filled art shed. Two fixed and a center window that casements out. Light, air and a clear roof strip make this a truly light filled space to create!

She is doing all kinds of crafts in her Art Shed and wow is it bright! Light flows in from every side and even the roof!

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