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...But What About the View?

Our clients came to us with a tight space and "determined" to make a place in their backyard to enjoy fresh air, barbecues and entertain and be out of the wind. They originally wanted to place their shed next to the house tucked up under the eves but Dana's eyes gave them a different perspective. Dana went out for the sight visit and literally said to them, "But what about the view over this way?" Such a simple statement but Dana's keen sense of space helped our clients find the PERFECT spot for their gorgeous shed nestled in their backyard.

The 11' x 10' shed is framed in Douglass fir that was painted white and then distressed. The clear glass gables on the front and back bring even more of the spectacular view inside. And what about those orange door? The color is "Determined Orange" by Sherwin Williams and it is determined to draw your attention to the gorgeous barn doors that open into this shed. Rain gutter on the sides for those days when it actually does rain in California. Fixed split light reclaimed windows are on either side of the door because the views are all around in this shed.

The right wall has a single light bar door painted that "Determined Orange" with single light fixed windows on either side. The distressed white framing is contrasted with shiplap reclaimed fence boards and corrugated metal. The roof is corrugated metal with a 1' overhang on all sides.

The inside of the right wall is a striking as the outside with the "Determined Orange" bar door resting above the couch. A reclaimed single light door has been fixed in place on the back wall flanked by reclaimed 4 light casement windows painted white and distressed to match the framing. "Determined Orange" is once again the color of choice to make the fixed door pop against the framing and the wood of the walls. Look closely at the left wall and you

you see two 4 light casement windows installed beside a fixed picture window. All of the windows have custom screens mounted storm screen style to allow the breezes to flow though on those warm summer and fall days. Hardware throughout has an oil rubbed bronze finish.

So whether it's hot day, a warm day, a rainy day, a cool day or an evening with any kind of weather our "determined" clients have a wonderful shed to entertain all their guest or just hang out together with their dogs and enjoy the view!

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