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Bolero Red It Is!

There are so many choices our clients have to make when designing a structure, in this case a greenhouse, and sometimes even they are surprised with their choices. This client wanted to incorporate the stained glass windows they have collected over the years and include a drop down bar door and that is where the real decision had to happen. What color to paint the door? Dana pulls out the color wheel and the fun begins. Who would have thought that they would choose Bolero Red (Sherwin Williams)? They did and wow what a statement that Bolero Red bar door makes against the Panda White (Sherwin Williams) doors and windows. You'll just have to wait a second to see it. Another special feature of this structure is the 3' over hang in the front. The clients chose a solar grey polycarbonate roof with the standard 1' overhang on the sides and back but wanted just a little more protection in front so voila, look at that overhang in the front. This front wall also features two of the clients stained glass windows fixed beside the single lite french doors.

It may just look like an opening but fixed in the middle of the back wall is a reclaimed piece of glass. The two 8 lite reclaimed windows installed beside it painted Panda White (Sherwin Williams) and are fully functioning casement windows that when allow a breeze to flow through the greenhouse.

Peak around the corner from the back or the front and you will see the right wall has a total of 6 windows. The four windows, that will be on the top row, will open up transom or hopper style. Two of the windows are installed here and open in the photo. Below two more reclaimed windows are fixed in place. To recap, front wall lots of light, back wall, lots of light and right wall lots of light. And now for the Bolero Red (SW)

After choosing Panda White (Sherwin Williams) for all the windows and doors it was a surprise that our clients chose this beautiful Bolero Red (Sherwin Williams) for their drop down bar door. The door is featured on the left wall and creates a workspace for planting, repotting, or maybe a quick snack. Centered above the bar door is our client's rainbow stained glass window with two pieces of clear glass stopped on either side. The Bolero Red(Sherwin Williams) matches the red in the window. The band of windows on this wall is finished off with two pieces of gorgeous blue water glass. All of the windows above the bar door are fixed/stopped windows.

Our clients are in love with the Bolero Red that they chose for their bar door, what color will you choose for your bar door?

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