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Ashley's Office in SLO

Our client Ashley come to us seeking to design a unique office for her backyard in San Luis Obispo. Nestled into the corner of her yard, we love the way her sacred space and opens up to the year round beauty the Central Coast has to offer. The shed style roof provides for some extra height and warm light beaming into the structure.

Ashley suggested some unique triangle decks on either side of the shed so that she can have a chair and table to sit at while taking a break from work or to simply admire her beautiful yard! We loved this little detail to maximize the appeal and have a feeling we will be building more of these.

The shed itself features aqua water glass and flat corten metal accents on the front wall. The doors and corten are both reclaimed along with all the fence boards used as siding. So lovely and so many resources being spared from the landfill.

Because we are all about the reclaimed materials we used 100% reclaimed windows, glass, doors and wood siding throughout the entire structure. These materials take extra love to bring back to life, but we really feel called to do this work, to save these materials and upcycle them into something functional and stunning.

We also added some beautiful amethyst and citrine crystals to fill the knot holes in the siding! This is one of our carpenters favorite tasks at the end of the build, adding the bling! We just can't help ourselves.

Every time we leave an installation we are overjoyed with the special places that we are leaving behind. We do our best to create the structure with as much love and care as possible, but it is after we leave that our clients transform these spaces into pure wonder. Thank you Ashley for allowing us to create this beauty for you, we know you will be extra productive inside your sacred office.

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