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And Now We're Ready!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Talk about a greenhouse to talk about! Our client came to us after driving by our old site in SLO with the desire for a 8' x 10' greenhouse for their backyard. This custom 8' x 10' custom greenhouse is frame in unstained redwood. This greenhouse sits upon a pressure treated pad that is on a sand base with gopher wire and weed cloth.

The exterior siding is a mixture or reclaimed wood, coated with clear marine polyurethane, and corrugated metal. Centered on the front wall is a half light, 9 pane, dutch door custom made in our shop. It is painted gray to match the windows and doors of their home. On either side of the dutch door is a fixed 4 light window, painted the same gray as the door. Look carefully and you'll see that one light in each window is colored glass. That's not the only fun surprise, just inside the door under that fixed window on the right you'll find a pop-up shelf/desk crafted from live edge Pacific Coast Lumber urban forested wood. It is supported by black chains and carabiners. This gardener can look anything up she wants on her laptop while she works. The front and back gables have passive gable vents to facilitate airflow in the greenhouse.

The design and installation of the fixed picture windows of the left and right walls create the illusion of no glass at all. These windows allow our client, an avid gardener, to take in the beauty of her garden's raised beds even while she is working inside her greenhouse. Each picture window has a casement style window on either side. One side is a split pane and the other side is a six light window. The placement of the casement windows is mirrored on these side walls. The entire greenhouse features antique reproduction hardware.

Walk around to around to the back and you will see the large, and we mean large, 24" x 59" window installed as a transom window to allow heat to escape on warm days in Arroyo Grande. Reclaimed wood and corrugated metal finish off his beautiful wall. The gable style roof is solar grey polycarbonate with a 1' overhang all around. The flooring inside is reclaimed horse corral boards. The boards have purposely been installed with gaps between them to allow soil to sift through. No sweeping needed in this greenhouse.

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