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A She Shed Times 3!

We created this space for 3 multi-generational women! First, the granddaughter will be using the space as a music room. Next, the daughter wants to use it for gardening once her daughter heads off to college. And finally, the grandmother just wants a place to spend time with her girls and what a stunning place to spend time together. This glistening She Shed is in the magnificent hills of Oakland, California. This 10 x 10 shed is framed with Douglass fir painted white and then distressed. The gabled roof is corrugated metal with two skylights that shower the space with light.

The sides and back feature a 1' foot overhang, while the front has a spectacular 3 foot overhang. The front overhang protects the porch pad and will keep the elements out year around. The beautiful six light french doors are from Bacara resort in Santa Barbara. All walls are a combination of whitewashed wood and reclaimed corrugated metal. Two little pink fixed windows finish off the front wall.

Music will flow out of this structure when the left wall 10 light bar door is opened up. Above the bar door is a vintage fixed window painted the same soft pink as the front windows. The back wall is truly spectacular with its picture window topped with pink, green and clear glass stained glass.

On the right wall a 3 light door has been fix framed to create a stunning floor to ceiling window. The walls throughout are 7 feet 4 inches. On either side of the fix framed door are split pane casement windows painted white.

We matched this multi-generational Music/Greenhouse/She Shed/Gathering Space to the house in order to get it through the Architectural review committee of the HOA, however we did sneak in some beautiful vintage windows! Three generations of women now have a beautiful space in the Oakland hills to make music, grow plants and just enjoy each other!

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