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A Retreat Under a Magical Oak!

Victoria lives in Atascadero and wanted a space of her own to work & relax. With 2 small children she needed a place she could retreat to that is uniquely her very own. This wonderful She Shed is framed in unstained redwood. Walls are a mixture of reclaimed board and batten and Corten metal panels. The front doors are reclaimed 10 lights painted white outside with with fixed 4 pane windows on either side.

These gorgeous doors can be latched open on those warm days in Atascadero when abreeze is welcome. The gabled tin roof has a 6 and 12 pitch.

On the right wall there is a single light drop down bar door for when our client decidedes to share the space with anyone who is outside or just enjoy the scents from under the oaks. The back wall gable features clear glass to bring in more magical light. The back wall and left wall glisten with custom rose colored water glass in the windows. Two of the three windows on the back wall transom out for airflow. Inside that gorgeous white drop down bar door is a solid wood pop-up door that creates amazing space for working on projects.

This 10 x 10 She Shed has lots of room for our client to create, relax or just contemplate. A magical retreat all for herself.

This She Shed retreat overlooks a seasonal creek, sis next to a magical oak tree, this truly is our client's sacred space.

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