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A Reflection and A View

Our client is an avid gardener and this is her second structure with us. She wanted to be able to enjoy and work in her garden and at the same time bask in the breath taking views of the 7 Sisters. This unique custom 12'x10' redwood framed She Shed/Potting Shed will allow her to do just that. The exterior siding is urban forested live edge redwood from Pacific Coast Lumber treated with Clear Penofin Penetrating Rosewood Oil. The roof is corrugated metal with a 4 & 12 pitch.

The spectacular front wall features unique 6 light french doors and leaded glass side lights. The live edge siding on the wall and gable is complimented with a deep green on the side lights. The walls are a custom 7'4" (88") to accommodate the reclaimed door our client fell in love with from our stock.

Centered on the left wall is that door our client fell in love with. It is a 10 light door with a very slight at the top two lights. Whether the front doors and the side door are open or closed light streams in and floods the space with light. The side door swings out. Just look at how beautiful the live edge redwood siding is even on the inside.

A beautiful vintage, seven diamond light, window is featured on the right wall. It is painted the same green as the front side lights. The live edge siding compliments window. Inside the green frame of the window contrasts the beautiful siding. The corrugated roof reflects even more of the light streaming in through the windows..

On the back wall two heart motif stained glass windows are installed. The windows are framed and fixed in place. They appear to be perfect reflections. The soft colors and textured glass play with the light as it comes inside this beautiful structure. So whether our client is relaxing, working on a gardening project, or just hanging out she has a perfect place to do it with a view.

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