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A Project Palace in SLO

Our client wanted a special place to do all her projects that would fit into her backyard. This 11' x 9' shed will surely do the job. This Project Palace She Shed is a stunner from every angle. Tucked in the corner of her backyard its ready for any project she wants to undertake

This Project Palace Shed id framed in urban forested lumber which includes redwood, cypress or cedar. This makes this shed essentially ALL reclaimed. The front wall features not one but two ten lite doors in "Stop" red. One door is an actual door to enter the project palace and the other is drop down bar door. When dropped down the drop down door provides light, air and more space to work. This front wall is a mix of wood and reclaimed corrugated metal. A definite welcoming entrance.

The back wall features a fixed picture window that is capped with a gorgeous geometric yellow, gold and red stained glass window. The light streams in through the windows and creates a glow on the floor and the other walls. Six lite reclaimed windows, painted antique white and distressed, are installed casement style on either side of the picture window. When these are open and the drop down door on the front wall is down a refreshing breeze flows through the structure. This back wall also features reclaimed corrugated metal and wood.

A very special feature on the right wall is our clients dad's door from his law office. Our carpenters framed it beautifully to make it a focal point in the structure. The door was hand carved and crafted in Mexico and brings her dads loving energy into the space. On either side of the door are fixed water glass, one red and one orange, to compliment the stained glass window on the back wall. Wood and reclaimed corrugated metal once again complete the wall.

The right wall which looks like it isn't even a wall is actually a floor to ceiling piece of fixed glass centered between corrugated metal and wood. This style installation brings the outside right in. Our client just loves the light that an almost all glass wall brings to her project palace. The roof is new corrugated metal and has a 1 foot overhang all around. The shed is installed on a pressure treated pad with reclaimed corral board installed for the floor.

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