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A Place Your "ART"!

What do you do when you are an art instructor working on your graduate degree, you've relocated to the central coast and you need space to be in your "ART"? You go to Dana and the A Place to Grow (APG) team and design an art studio that meets all your needs. Our client had storm windows that her dad had procured from the east coast. Some of the storm windows were from the early 1800's. Her dad had restored and rehabilitated the windows and now they are featured with our APG reclaimed windows and doors in this 100% reclaimed dream Art Studio on our client's property.

This striking custom 12' x 10' art studio is framed in richly colored urban forested cedar from Pacific Coast Lumber (PCL). The exterior of the studio is a mixture of the same richly colored urban forested cedar in a shiplap pattern and reclaimed corrugated metal. The roofing is the only new material used on the studio. The door is painted a vibrant orange and the drop down bar door on the left wall is a rich blue. Natural light steams in though the glass gables on the front and back walls. A skylight panel of clear polycarbonate brings in even more light. There is a one foot overhang on the side and back walls but the front features a 3 foot overhang. This artist literally has views from every wall, gables and even the roof as inspiration for her art.

The entrance is a custom half lite dutch door crafted by the APG crew. The door is painted orange to bring out the natural tones of the shiplap cedar. The door is flanked by two fixed windows. Our client loves to open the top of the door and enjoy the breeze that gently fills her studio as she works.

On the back wall there are 4 windows with water glass. The two center windows open transom style to allow the breeze to flow through the studio. Antique reproduction hardware selected by our client was used for the transom windows. A rich blue, single pane, bar door is on the left wall. When it is closed it our client can see through it for inspiration along with the two pieces of fixed glass on either side. This left wall is essentially a wall of windows and light. What artist doesn't want this much natural light to create in?

Last, but by far not least is the right wall. Our client asked APG to incorporate three of her own reclaimed windows, the ones her father restored. The unique 9 lite storm window. window is centered on the wall and each pane creates a little landscape to inspire this artist client. The two 6 pane windows on either side are installed to open casement style using antique reproduction hardware similar to the transom windows. All these windows are painted the same rich blue, selected by our client, as the bar door. A reclaimed wood floor finishes of this studio. We can't wait the creations from our client and her students share with us. What would you paint, draw, create in this amazing space?

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