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A Mini Horse Door?

One of the joys of this company is getting the opportunity to incorporate reclaimed unique and sentimental items belonging to our clients into their structure. This client brought in something that seems to be one of a kind, a mini horse door. She also brought in some leaded windows and a door for us to incorporate into her lovely 9' x 6' Project/Storage Shed.

This slant roof , 2 & 12 pitch, style shed is framed in unstained redwood. The roof is reclaimed corrugated metal . The walls are 7' going up to 8'. The reclaimed siding is board and batten combined with shiplap. The door is on the side wall of this shed and has 10 lites. It is painted and stained. The painted side is on the exterior while the stained side is on the interior.

Four antique leaded windows bounce across the front wall of the shed. The windows are all fixed. Even though the shed sits beneath a beautiful old tree the light coming thought all the colors on these windows will be spectacular. Our client added some vintage metal work to this wall to match the mini horse door. This wall is a combination of board and batten and diagonal shiplap reclaimed fence boards. The back wall, not pictured, is comprised of all board and batten reclaimed wood.

This may have been the cutest part of this build. Our client brought in this mini door with a horse head on it, she wasn't sure what it had originally been used for. Was it for a mini horse? Was it for a mini stable? Was it part of a mini house? Who knows but our carpenters used it as a fixed panel in the side wall of our clients shed. Over the mini horse door is a fixed window with old lettering announcing "ROOMS". Were the rooms for the mini horses?

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