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A Little Bit Extra in Sonoma

This client came to us as said shed like another shed. She so love her first structure we build for her she came back to us for a little extra space for her home in Sonoma. She wanted a space that would allow her to enjoy the beautiful wine country and still be inside. This 10' x 12' shed meets all of her request and more. Beautifully framed in white painted Douglass fir with blue single light french doors. The shed is nestled on a corner of her deck in her backyard that is just steps from her house.

The right wall features a bar door painted the same blue as the front french doors. Just as on the front wall two vintage windows are fixed on either side to bring in the outdoors as per our client's request. The wood framing accents the shiplap vintage reclaimed siding on all sides. All the walls are 7' tall.

Walking into the space the left wall has two stunning green water glass fixed windows. The wall embraces the gorgeous greens of wine country. White painted framing again makes this wall pop! Your eyes are drawn to the back wall which showcases our client's own stained glass window. Framing our client's window are two green water glass transom windows. Small and quaint yet as big as the outdoors, this shed will definitely allow our client to enjoy the outside while inside.

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