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A Greenhouse Built For Two!

These clients love to garden and recently re-captured additional space in their yard that allowed them to put in raised beds and this beautiful reclaimed greenhouse! Framed in redwood and left unstained this custom 10' x 8' custom greenhouse will provide lots of space for all of their garden projects. The greenhouse features a gabled Solar Grey Polycarbonate roof to bring non stop sun in for all of their plants and projects. The gable ends are vertical dog ear down reclaimed fence boards. The front gable even has a vent fan for those days when a little heat needs to be released.

Doubled the gardening space and a white Dutch door to go along with it. Following right along with the greenhouses reclaimed materials and its purpose are the reclaimed stained glass windows on the front and right wall. Ivy vines with varying shades of green wind through the front two stained glass windows. The Dutch door with four panes allows air to flow through the greenhouse and for the gardeners to converse at all times.

Nestled in a corner of their backyard our clients not only put in the greenhouse but also raised beds that create an inviting entrance into the greenhouse space. To help with ventilation a solid wood vintage door is installed horizontally to transom out. The 1' overhang all around protects the gardeners from the elements

The right wall is comprised of 6 different vintage windows. Single pane, split pane, 6 pane and even a diamond window and makes this a real gem of a greenhouse. The top three windows transom out. When the top of the door is open, the right and left windows are all open and the back transom is dropped our clients feel as though they are outside.

The arched stained glass window centered on the right wall is stunning. With splint pane vintage casement windows on either side of it our clients can easily maintain just the right temperature in the greenhouse. The white trimmed casement windows make the arched stained glass pop even more.

They fell in love with the stained glass windows and had to have the Dutch door! Looking towards retirement they are excited about being able to spend more time in their garden and their amazing greenhouse!

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