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A Doll's House for Now

What lucky little girls these are! During COVID the girls took over their dad's man cave and since he was motivated to get it back they built this She Shed for the girls in the backyard. Ultimately, when the girls out grow their dolls and are ready to move out, Mom will take it over as a full fledged She Shed. For now these girls have an art studio/play room for their dolls and Dad has his man cave back!

This 12' x 8' shed is framed in in Douglass fir and stained. The exterior is a mixture of reclaimed wood and corrugated metal. The shed is placed on a wood pad that extends in the front and creates a small front porch. The 10 light front french doors fully open to allow natural light to stream into this space for the girls. Just above the doors are 4 clerestory windows that add to all the light that fills this shed. Fixed windows complete the front wall.

The left wall features a solid wood bar door that the girls can leave open for fresh air and also provides an extra space for arts, crafts and play. Three large fixed windows seated between corrugated metal and wood finish off the wall. A chalkboard has been installed to tally the pros and cons, notice there are only PROS!

The right wall has a large 4 pane window that transoms out for air circulation while the shed is being used. The clients wanted to use an old door they had as the window on the back wall. The unique obscure glass in the door creates a warm glow in the shed and adds a fun artistic element.

So that our clients, both young ones and older ones, can enjoy the space year around there is a 1' roof overhang all around. The roof is corrugated metal that matches the elements utilized on all sides of the shed.

Again, what lucky little girls to have such a unique custom shed in their yard to be creative and play with their dolls. We can't imagine the stories and memories that are going to be created in this structure and we feel honored to bring it to life.

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