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A Different Kind of Hen House

While at the Three Speckled Hens show in Paso Robles last spring our client fell in love with our show shed. She came by to visit more than once. In the end she decided that she was in need of an office in her back yard in Northern California. She has chickens of her own and wanted her shed put near her coop in the yard. She also wanted to be able to open up all her doors and windows, it can get warm where she lives, when she's working in her office so she wanted screens. Once all the details were pecked out it was time to install her new 12' x 10 office. The 5 & 12 pitched corrugated metal roof has a 1' overhang on the sides and back and a 2' overhang in front. The roof has 1" thick rigid foam insulation to counteract the heat and a whitewashed pine ceiling. The exterior is a mix of reclaimed wood with clear polyurethane and corrugated metal.

The front wall has 5 light french doors painted Sherwin Williams (SW) 0031 Dutch Tile Blue centered between two reclaimed vintage single light windows. It's welcoming soft blue that just says come in and sit for awhile. The windows are painted the same color. The walls are shiplap fence boards contrasted by board and batten on the gable. The 2' overhang creates extra shade for structure.

All the features on the right wall showcase the recycled and reclaimed components we pride ourselves in using. Four vintage, single lite windows run the entire length of the wall. They are all painted the ( SW 0031) Dutch Tile Blue. To allow airflow the center two windows open casement style with antique reproduction hardware. The fence board siding is shiplap under the two center windows and reclaimed corrugated metal under the others. The small space above each widow is siding that was once a fence.

Centered high on the left wall is our client's reclaimed window painted the ( SW 0031) Dutch Tile Blue. When she saw our shed at the Three Speckled Hens show last spring in Paso Robles and decided she needed a shed the first thing she said was, "I've got these two windows...can we use them?"

Our reply was, "Of, course!" The beautiful 4 lite window is fixed high on the wall to help bring in the beautiful natural light. Alternating shiplap fence boards and reclaimed metal are positioned between the white framing of the structure.

The second of our clients reclaimed windows is fixed high on this back wall and painted the ( SW 0031) Dutch Tile Blue like all the other windows and doors. This is a 10 lite windows that lets the sun shine in. Similar to the left wall the altering shiplap fence board siding and the reclaimed metal draw your eyes to this window whether you are inside or outside.

The windows and doors that open will have Ketu screens installed. Our client is planning on using the space for an office and what ever else she needs now that she can be our and among her hens. A little nesting and decorating will surely make this space a cozy get away in her backyard. Hopefully, we'll see you and Three Speckled Hens in Paso Robles the end of May (May 27 & 28 at the Mid State Fair Grounds) and maybe, just maybe you'll deicide to get your own (She Shed) Hen House.

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